Created in 2013 in order to invigorate business oportunities between Portuguese and French companies that work in construction, privileging a strategy of action based on sustainable partnerships, in medium and long term, based on a heterogeneous group of technical-practical knowledge of the sector(engineering, architecture, budgeting, construction supervising, commercial, marketing) and the privileged and consolidated relations it has developed in the French market.

Since 2014 the main focus is the establishment of technical partnerships with the companies. Metrik is no longer only a link between the two parts but also a technical office. The spoken and written mastery of the French language as well as of the specificities of the market makes it possible to support Portuguese companies in engineering project , measurement and budgeting. These same qualities allow us to be a direct service provider to French companies with the quality and rigor that the market demands.

The growth of the internal market has allowed a rapprochement to origins with the with the provision of engineering and architectural services to be a strong focus since 2015. Relying on the experience of the team members we provide quality services in the areas of design, production and consulting.